Outline (English Language)

MUHAMMAD SAW as my idol

I. Introduction

 General Statement             :

Muhammad is the best person in the world. He is the one of prophet that Allah sent down. He has good attitude in his dialy life and he is the greater leader than other leader in the world until now, and also he is a good example moslem person for other moslem.

Thesis Statement                 :

I admire Muhammad SAW because his attitude when he manages the state in his period, his leadership, and when he dicided something wisely, and he is also a good huband for his wifes and family.


II. Body Paragraph

A. Muhammad has a good attitude

1.      His way of talking

a. He spoke gently with other people, moslem or non-moslem

b. He spoke politely with old person or young person

2.      His dialy activities

a. When he eats to taste

b. When he sleeps in good position

c. When he prays diligently

d. When he talks politely


B. Muhammad is a perfect leader

1.      His way of leading

a. He leads the nation with justice without discriminate for each other

b. He leads with great patience

2.      His success in leading

a. He can lead perfectly madina

b. He can bring moslem to be winner in some wars

3.      His wisdom

a. He can make decisions wisely with considering other aspirations

b. He can make the policy in a country for all people and all religions equally

C. He is a good husband for his wifes and his family

1.      His allegiance

a. He is very loyal when he became the husband of Siti Khadijah

2.      His juctice

a. He is very fair when he has more that one wife

b. He can also be very fair in matters of his family, religion, and state

c. He can provide a good life for each of his wives in a fair and equally


III. Concluding

Muhammad is a very good figure for us in our life, cause no one else in this world who like him. He is the Prophet of the most noble among others, who has greatest attitudes, who has greatest behaviors, who has exelent leadership, and who has a greatest justice for his family, religion, and state. He is a good role model for leaders and every person in this world, especially for moslem people.


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